talent 33 plus two cents.


I could add ( http://bit.ly/2zRFRq1 ) that the one who buried their talents was a Roman (gasp). When a war looms large, those in the country side often buried their valuables for fear of loosing them in battle.

Jesus did preach a new kingdom, and some loyal to the old kingdom might have seen the threat, they might have seen the disciples talents bearing fruit. Under the old kingdom, people were drained to near lifelessness. The disciples were the opposite, they sprung to life. Its just my two cents


Lets see, lets guess. Today I read about the age of Aquarius versus the age of Pisces. Yesfish1 bp (2)terday, the Catholics celebrated a church founded before Constantine. Old church, much history. (Yesterday) The age of Pisces. (Today) , the age of Aquarius. One gains that name from a Broadway play.1960, 1970? I cant remember. Nixon, Ford? Was Andy Warhol on the scene? Pop culture, what’s next. Aquarius versus Pisces, yes it is a battle. Yes, the New Age has the numbers: but they are “fools, idiots, morons exploiting others for their own capitalistic gain.” They are the chaff that disappears with the wind. But still within that wind contains a storm and that storm is the one weathered today.  Yesterday celebrated an ancient church, today an old Pope named Leo. An ancient church building, an old pope that confronted the Huns. The Huns are celebrated by the Goths of  Heavy Metal of the Stage: but how many of them have been pierced (by a lance not a needle), or skewered or beheaded or tortured or brutalized in the true sense of Attila’s warfare, not an electrified three chord song? Leo confronted them, and defeated them. And what of Studio 54? The Lateran Basilica in Rome still stands.

He summoned him and said,
‘What is this I hear about you?
Prepare a full account of your stewardship,
because you can no longer be my steward.’
The steward said to himself, ‘What shall I do,
now that my master is taking the position of steward away from me?
I am not strong enough to dig and I am ashamed to beg.

Lk 16:1-8




fatima 1_edited When the children asked the Lady what she wanted them to call her, she said the Lady of the Rosary. Back then people prayed the rosary, and children prayed the rosary. the three children of Fatima; Lucia, Santos, and Jacinta , especially prayed the rosary. Those beads were their constant companions.

Today, people don’t pray the rosary quite as much. Children don’t pray the rosary as often as then. Rosaries teach and give reason to meditate and ponder the gospel. Children don’t do that much any more.

Today, they have the Fidget Spinner. Experts say these devices do no harm, and might even be good. I wonder what apparitions one gets from a Fidget Spinner?


(Note to self: I really don’t like this post).

Halloween is of Christian origin, at least since the first half of the first century. (Yikes, that’s an authoritative sentence!) Yes, many people know that but some don’t like to admit it.

It has its origins in Ireland. (Place a question mark here. ) Some counter this by saying the day has nothing to do with the Celts or Druids. History is complicated. Clearly I am no scholar.

It at least has its origins in Northern European regions with 4-seasons, or six if you are an ecologist. (I also can think of Mexico and their day of the dead, I contradict myself again) sigh :-\

We are not the first melting pot, the blending of culture and traditions has gone on for ages. 🙂

It is a season of harvest, of the beginning of cold weather, and of long nights, unless you live in the Tropics.But I hear this day is not celebrated outside the United States.

It also is the day before the Christian (aka Catholic) All Saints Day. Saints are Hallows, and thus All Hallows Eve. It is a day of varied and changing traditions, and in the USA it became secularized in the nineteen-thirties. Advertising and profits should not be forgotten. (it also is a day of fun). This is the important paragraph!

It has a long association with the Living and the Dead, Saints and Sinners, and all sorts of sinners. It is a season of climatic changes, and people interpret a cold winds howl. The truth is there are saints, and sinners. There are the living and the dead. There are those alive bodily, yet spiritually deceased. I think that is a zombie. There is this life, and the next. there is the light and the dark, life and death. Christians are children of the light, something with its origins in Persian Zoroastrians . There are devils, yet also angels. Ghouls, goblins are real. Ghouls are evil spirits, goblins greedy little creatures.Hob, boggle, brownie. imps, gnomes and kobolds. Evil spirits, dastardly little creatures of myth and legend and folklore. All the stuff of Halloween season. Its a popular day of costumes and customs, an early costume was to dress as a saint. A litany of saints to battle the creatures crawling from the depths of darkness. Its all real. Why on earth would someone dress as anything else on All Hallows eve? It is that grand battle of good versus evil after all, and all vividly portrayed in costume. Why veer off script?

Today most imagine it as a season of witches, it is a very popular day in Salem Massachusetts. Witches are commonly female, witchcraft is not. (it also is a day of fun).Technically witches operate solitarily, that is outside organized groups. Todays anti-religion. They are popular with New Age groups, can I say feminists or priestesses? Can I say anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-Priest? (am I reading to many newspapers? There’s nothing wrong with the occasional editorial opinion)

Some like to transform Halloween into a New Age nature based Wiccan ritual, it is not. It is the first day of Allhallowtide. Allhallowtide is a “time to remember the dead, including martyrs, saints, and all faithful departed Christians.” It is the three days of All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. (it also is a day of fun).

“Heritage is valued objects and qualities such as cultural traditions, unspoiled countryside, and historic buildings that have been passed down from previous generations: a special or individual possession; an allotted portion.” I did not write these definitions. This is a day of Catholic heritage, but the seasons are shifting. its getting dark and cold, and freighting and scary. (it also is a day of fun).

I wish I could have found a better way to write this, maybe next year. What Halloween was and is and should be are different entities. That’s the point.


Saint Jude Thaddeus, by those sublime
privileges with which you were adorned in your
lifetime, namely, your relationship with Our Lord
Jesus Christ according to the flesh, and your
vocation to be an Apostle, and by that glory
which now is yours in Heaven as the reward of
your apostolic labors and your martyrdom, obtain
for me from the Giver of every good and perfect
gift all the graces of which I stand in need:

(Mention your request here)

May I treasure up in my heart the divinely
inspired doctrines that you have given us in your
Epistle: to build my edifice of holiness upon our
most holy faith, by praying for the grace of the
Holy Spirit- to keep myself in the love of God,
looking for the mercy of Jesus Christ unto eternal
fife; to strive by all means to help those who go astray.
May I thus praise the glory and majesty, the
dominion and power of Him Who is able to keep
me without sin and to present me spotless with
great joy at the coming of our Divine Savior, the
Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

from Big C Catholics