Chair of Saint Peter


Today is the feast of the Chair of Saint Peter. The chair of Saint Peter, I wonder what kind of chair he sat in? The La-Z-Boy had yet to be invented, and I doubt the Saint sat on a throne like Caesar or even Charlemagne. Rocking chair? I don’t think so! I picture him siting on a big rock with his head in his hands. His chair, from what I read, stands for the unity of all Jesus Christ’s Church. We all know how that goes, Pope Francis occupies that chair today. That’s not an easy job. The Pope does have a request for us. He asks that we pray for all persecuted Christians. That is his special intention. I thought I would pass it along, and make his burden just a little easier.

and papa francisco says:


“God asks Mary not only to be the mother of His only Son, but also to cooperate with the Son for the plan of salvation, so that in her and through her, the humble servant, great works of divine mercy can be fulfilled,” 

Pope Francis 


1 January 2017