Note, there is no name given, or any reference to profession or location, or age. The only hint is Northern Hermit. Northern as in the land of the snows, and Hermit as in reclusive seclusion. If anyone wishes to think old, bearded, and cave there is no problem with that. It might not be accurate, but it’s not a problem. For the subject of this running dialogue, anyone reading this particular post can read any of the other blog posts and have a good indication of the blogs focus. Its focus is Christianity and its post topics for the most part are based on the Roman Catholic liturgical readings as published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. A link to their page is at the side of the blog.

Now for the why of the writing, and the why of the publishing, and the who of the audience. Question one, why write these posts? To be blunt, this recluse’s writing skills are equal to this hermits social skills. The hermits writing could stand some improvement, and what better way to improve one’s writing than writing. That sounds simple enough! If one cannot write well, one must then scream why publish? This has to be confusing to most people, but there is a very simple explanation. The blog format automatically catalogues everything in a neat chronological order. It makes housekeeping simple. Also, it allows the unsuspecting reader to stumble upon these pages just as I have stumbled upon many myself. Ones that I have come across are conveniently listed to the left. One could make that astute observation that the blogs listed at the right have a similar content to the posts of this author. The reason for writing isn’t simply to improve writing, it is also to improve understanding and insight. One must think at least a little before they write. The writing then helps me to explore that Christianity I am interested in. Note that I say explore and not explain, that is an important difference. With exploration I write, yet the writing is simply a sketch. It should not be confused with a thesis, and the only errors I make are not simple errors of grammar and punctuation and spelling. This blog also contains numerous errors of incomplete thought, and flawed conclusions. Feel free to read it.

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