Today the gospel is the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. The first reading asks the question of how harshly the Apostle should be treated. If their message is divine, man can’t defeat it. But what of today?

Today, the age of philosophy. An age of attitude and choice. An age of media, of the multiplication of opinion and ideology. The independent mind and the independent voice amplified. Ten thousand watts, one hundred thousand watts. One, two or three opinions broadcasted to a multitude. Harsh opinions, harsh judgment, conflict. Think of what the founding fathers wrote on a coin. In God We Trust. They knew. They knew who held the microphone, they knew who controlled the presses and the airwaves. They knew the Donald’s and the Hillary’s  and the Turners and the Murdoch’s and the Sores of their day. Did they trust any of those people? He’ll No! In God they trusted, public opinion be damned. That is the multiplication of fishes, people agreed with them. They knew how a lousy message could be promoted, and how truth was so seldom  spoken

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