Easter 2018


Well what did I think about today. It’s Holy Saturday. I thought about how people would “see” the Easter Christ. Some I thought would see a Christ exit the tomb much as He entered. For some the same body minus the cuts and bruises. Others would still see the scars and disfigurements of the Cross, a body narrowly escaping death. Still others envision the spiritual and symbolic, they see joy. I wonder how many will look for that resurrected Lord. How many will seek and search to see Him. I know the theology is incorrect. But how many will actively seek those signs of life? How many will put themselves in the Apostles shoes.

Finally I wonder, does anyone see fit the need to help roll that stone from the tomb? No, I am not suggesting that someone helped Christ from the tomb. The Gospel explains the guards preventing that. Who thinks of those guards of the tomb on Easter? Who thinks of those that desperately do not want a risen Christ to be seen? Are the remnants of those who fear the Easter Christ present today? I wonder. Not everyone is celebrating, there is an opponent. Let’s briefly shine a light on that.

Everyone sees Christ’s resurrection differently, some don’t see it at all. (Some deny it, and some fear it. I don’t want to write too long.. .)

The fact is that Jesus was victorious, Christ exited that cave. The stone could not contain Him and neither could those guards employed by those against Him. Jesus conquered death. Jesus was not, and cannot be defeated. Everlasting life cannot die and infinity can not be constrained. Not then, not now, not ever. Jesus Christ has risen, He as truly risen. Alleluia Alleluia (there’s a word you haven’t heard in a while)

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