the repairman


If a doll maker were to restore one of his dolls no one would think it strange. If he were to repair the porcelain face or repaint it’s face, nothing would seem out of the ordinary. The same of a carpenter, if he were to repair something he crafted. Nothing strange in fixing a crack or resetting a joint. Nothing extraordinary in refinishing the finish. Christ mixed spittle and dirt, and smeared it on a blind mans eye so that he might see. The LORD repaired what the LORD had made. To repair is to restore and Jesus restored sight to the blind, the blind man of His creation. The hint is in the spit and the dirt that formed the mud: it is from mud or clay that we were originally formed. But we become damaged, worn with use? Damaged through neglect? Mistreated and not cared for? It doesn’t really matter. The creator cares for creation, the LORD restores. It’s not really complicated, but it irritates a lot of folks.

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