Noah’s whale, Jonas ark. No. No. No. Noah had an ark and Jonah a whale. But here is the question was that whale an Ark? It carried Jonah and delivered a message of God. In a sense that whale protected Jonah just as Noah’s boat protected him. So, was Jonah’s whale an ark. Did it deliver a covenant? It delivered a message to the people of Nineveh. They listened and repented, they followed the LORD.  Jesus mentions the “sign of Jonah”. Three days in the grave, as Jonah spent days in the belly of a whale. A reluctant Jonah delivered a message to a reluctant people. The people accepted that message, repented, and were saved. The Cross of Christ brings salvation, it delivers redemption despite despair. God delivers, and whom can argue? Certainty not Jonah, he was spit out from a whale.

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