Flood waters.


Yes, I have discussed the papyrus basket Moses was placed in or his survival. Yes, I likened that paper basket to an ark. Yes, I compared it to the ark of Noah.  Yes, I described some of the arks of Christianity. They are arks of the covenant. Arks that bear that sacred relationship between God and man. God did make a covenant with Noah, God made one with Moses. The arks were a means to salvation, the water a purification. Let’s dwell on that water. Let’s contemplate its relationship to the arks. Notice the complexity of the Ark of Noah that kept its inhabitants sheltered from the ravages of that storm. Dwell on the violence of that storm. Pay attention to the few that were saved. With Noah there is a complexity, boat building is no easy task. The boat had to be big enough to house those to be saved. Safety was in the boat, those excluded perished. Such an effort to save so few. Elaborate, yet inefficient. Such hierarchy! Such a struggle to get into that boat!

Turn now to Moses, his ark was simple. It was a paper basket small enough to contain him. Once saved, Moses saved many. Moses gathered the people into that covenant so that they might be saved. With only a staff and signs from the LORD; Moses guided the people through the sea. Once they crossed that sea, they journeyed to the Promised Land. The one in the ark of paper was an intermediate between God and man.

Now turn to Christ. The ark that carried him, Mary. His relationship with the water of the covenant? He entered it the same way we do, bathed in it and sanctified it so that many would be saved. In Christ the water of destruction turns into water of salvation. The water entered so that one might die to sin and rise in Christ. Through the action of one, all whom follow might be saved. Simplicity. Efficiency. Amazing how many barriers were eliminated. Gone are the elaborate building, gone is the barrier of an ark that contained a select few. Salvation is as personal as diving into a pool. Gone the elaborate construction, gone the mediators. A God that was once mysteriously distant enters our lives. A salvation obscure comes into focus. God and man come together. Simple..

I could have talked about Jonah in the Whale too

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