There was a man of the tribe of Levi who had taken a woman of Levi as his wife. She conceived and gave birth to a son and, seeing what a fine child he was, she kept him hidden for three months. When she could hide him no longer, she got a papyrus basket for him; coating it with bitumen and pitch, she put the child inside and laid it among the reeds at the river’s edge. His sister stood some distance away to see what would happen to him. It’s not a bad time to think of Moses, his name means he was drawn out of the water. Moses was drawn from the water when the Egyptian woman retrieved that basket his mother placed him in as protection against the pharaoh. The basket, protection from destruction just as the ark of Noah offered protection from the flood. Boat and basket, both arks. Boat, basket, ark of the covenant, manger. Note Moses mother placed him in that ark, that mother that gave birth to him. Note to the woman who drew him out of the water, pay attention to the protection she gives him. Mary, mother of God. Look where Moses is suspended. On one side the love of his mother, on the other the fear of the Pharaoh. Suspended in an ark made of paper, saved by the love of a woman who drew him out of the water. That woman’s love conquered the fear of a Pharaoh. Love as Moses entered the water, and love when he was drawn out of that water. Salvation. Mary never abandons her Son. Not at the annunciation, nor in the manger, or at the foot of the cross.

The tradition of the Fridays of Lent is to walk the way of the Cross. Traditionally this was done at around 3:00, a reminder of Good Friday. Today that hour is often shifted to one that can boost attendance in a church. I don’t know how to feel about that. On one hand there is the abandonment of tradition. On the other the shift opens a path to  others. In allowing some to attend, others are excluded. What to do? Personally, I prefer the 3:00 hour. That is my bias, but I do realize others can’t keep to that schedule. Solution? The prayers of the Cross can be carried in a pamphlet (or probably on an APP) , and prayed on almost any walk. The walk, a city street, or a country trail. That is the best some can do.

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