A miracle missed by TV


Today, precisely one-hundred years ago, an excess of forty thousand witnessed the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. The newspapers, MSM of the day, were harshly skeptical. Those in power and authority denounced the entire Fatima Experience. Still, forty thousand plus experienced the Miracle of the Sun and believed. They were the witnesses.

The question is about today, what if this event occurred today? The press, their response certainly hostile. The lab coats and those that peer through the spectroscopy of physics, through wire-rimmed glasses would proclaim their expertise. And fashionably dressed personalities would nod in agreement. Science is king.

But those in the field, those that came to see. Those the pedestrian, the curious, believers and not. What would they see? Would they see a sun dancing at Fatima, would they witness the Lady of the Rosary, and believe?

Today there is hostility towards that Lady and her Sun, the Son of GOD. Today the authorities would tell them don’t take a glance and don’t believe. Goofy people in strange glasses staring at an eclipse of the sun. Skeptics then combat the hostility of today. I wonder who would see.

I looked at the news, I follow the TV. This story is not told. Hard to believe the Mother of God appeared and todays press doesn’t find it news worthy. There isn’t a story about it on main street (or mainstream, your choice) TV.

Today is the One-Hundredth anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. One hundred years ago today a magnificent encounter with Mary and her Son occurred before tens of thousands, yet today the world is ignorant of this profound event. A glorious yet sad day is today.. .



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