Fractured Wednesday , two days later


A lot of chatter about Summorum Pontificum, and I ponder writings of two days ago. On that day I did yak-yak about earthly divisions and a fracturing of the good LORD’s creation. Look it up if you care. Today, I wonder of that fracturing of planet earth but today the focus becomes narrow. Today is the anniversary of Summorum Pontificum.  That has generated a lot of chatter in the cyber-press that this person reads. For the uninformed Summorum Pontificum is the document that gives permission for priests to return to the Traditional Latin Mass. For them to return to the TLM, by definition leads to abandoning something. There is the fracture, the break. A line is drawn. On one side is the traditionalist, the Tradies. On the other the liberal progressive modernist forward thinkers. Intellectuals and university types.They battle the archaic old farts. Tempers flare, words are spoken. Anger and  strife. Opinions and counter opinions. A fracture greater that the crack in the famed liberty bell. There is division among a small part if creation, Christ’s Church. The Holy Church. The one Holy and Apostolic Church. Of course this is not the first fracture. If one has a good memory they will remember the fracture of the orthodox. If one has a good memory they will remember Martin Luther’s exit. If one has a good memory they will remember the departure of some King of England. He sought a divorce. If one has a good memory they will remember the departure of the Calvin and other progressive minds. A simple crack in a rock becomes a pile of gravel, the common task of the incarcerated. But then I remember my conclusion on “fractured Wednesday. ” The LORD will divide whatever the LORD chooses. The LORD will conquer the opponent, The LORD will leave them in rubble. Then the LORD will reassemble, reconstruct what the LORD chooses. My opinion counts for nothing. I can sit by quietly and watch the LORD at work. 800!

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