Bread and Wine (Corpus Christi)


Corpus Christi, a solemnity that reminds us that Jesus is always near us. We are never abandoned or alone. The LORD is always present in the tabernacle, the ciborium, the chalice, and in us. Always present, and truly present. That is the foundation of the Church, it is what Jesus taught us.(Martin Luther argued, Luther is wrong.) “I am the bread come down from heaven.” “I am true food, and true drink.” “Eat of my body and drink of my Blood.” Never abandoned, and always amongst us. The Eucharist is true food, a necessity to sustain life. Certainly a necessity to sustain a life in Christ. To recognize the Blessed Sacrament as a necessity is to be reminded of the command “take and eat.” Though the gifts, bread and wine, are presented by humanity; the sacrament is instituted by God. The second person of the blessed Trinity.

Wander back through the Gospel. Go back earlier than the Last Supper. In the multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes. Jesus took the loaves, said a prayer and blessed it. He then gave it to the Apostles so that they might distribute it to those that hungered. Priests today take the same bread, say the prayers, and deliver the consecrated body and blood of Christ to those that hunger. It is no wonder that the disciples recognized the risen Lord in the breaking of bread. That bread, His Body, was central to His ministry. The sacrament did not have its origin’s in the Last Supper, it began when the Infant was placed in a feeding trough. Food and Drink, essential for a journey. Bread and wine, consecrated by the Priest. The importance of the Priest. Saint Francis once commented on this during a time when corruption was common. He reminded people to respect priests because they deliver the Blessed Sacrament, Corpus Christi. The Eucharist. The true Body and Blood of Jesus the Christ. A sanctuary candle reminds us of GOD’S presence.

Bread is food for a journey and the word Companions has its origins in travelers with bread. Bet Lehem, [bet ˈleχem], “House of Bread”; Bethlehem. The journey is important. Pilgrimage or Exodus. “I am the true bread come down from heaven” refers to the Manna that sustained Gods people on their journey. The Eucharist does the same on ours. Eucharist as food for a journey is commemorated in the Corpus Christi processions that are associated with this Solemnity. How often does Jesus appear to disciples that are walking, traveling from one place to another? Jesus is always present to them no matter where they might be. As one can travel from location to location physically, one also journeys spiritually. From sinner to saint. A discalced congregation is a religious congregation that goes barefoot. A reminder of the journey, and its difficulty. A journey, a procession. This procession is also a proclamation, something to remember. Reaffirming. Discalced is often a vow. (Broken English, flickering thoughts. )

One is certainly reminded if the difficulty of the journey, can one forget the procession that led to a Corpus hung on a Cross. Good Friday. The journey was a climb. Exhausting, Jesus fell three times. They gave him vinegar for His thirst, a bitterness that He refused at the end of the journey. He hung on a Cross. Look at the gift Jesus gave us, as we walk the journey. The way of the Cross is a journey. The bread of life, come down from heaven. The Resurrection.

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