Three Stations



Jesus meets his mother, Jesus meets the holy woman, and Veronica cleans the face of Jesus with her veil. Mary, mother of the Lord never far from his side. Mary and the Immaculate Conception, Mary carried Jesus in her womb. Mary caries many thing’s in her heart, a phrase from scripture. Mary, Theotokos. Mary, image and patron of His Church. The Church, a repository and magisterium of the faith. Mary, mother of God. Jesus meets with His mother on the Stations of the Cross. Veronica, moved by emotion wipes the face of the Lord and receives an impression of His face on that veil. An impression as image and as emotion, something recorded and something to be passed down. It is a document of sorts, and documents are created with a purpose. They are to be read and recited and decoded and prayed . They have meaning, and a thought might be of the Icons of the Byzantine tradition or the stained glass of the western. Those Icons carry a lesson to be learned, and that precious veil was entrusted to Veronica. Something to ponder. The holy women, what was it that they received? They received a command, one as important as those given to Moses. The LORD tells them not to weep for Him, but to weep for their children. That is command and mission. They are tears that inspire action to continue His sacred mission, those Holy Women receive His Word. Three stations, of the Cross.. .

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