An Angel speaks (and someone listens)


Ever wonder what an angel’s appearance might be like? Ever been curious how they come down to earth? What, I wonder is the sound of their voice? Angels are strange to describe, and all sorts of interpretations have been crafted in word and paint and wood and stone and clay. None is accurate, nor inaccurate, prove or disprove an angels existence, yet they do exist and make themselves known from time to time. They are present more than people ever admit. They are the most highs messenger and message. Heavenly.

Mary likely described the appearance of the Angel Gabriel to the Apostles (the apperance at the Annunciation) as they would have not yet been on the scene. I wonder what their reaction might have been. (?) I also wonder at which point in their journey with Mary the story was told to them. Was it during Christ’s ministry ,or was it after the Resurrection ,or after the Ascension, or after Pentecost? I wonder what questions they might have asked.

The Apostles world was much more in tune with angels than mine. They knew them and understood them intuitively, they didn’t try to rationalize or dissect them. They were part of life. The age of science had yet to descend upon them. Their dialogue was different.

The Angel Gabriel tells young Mary that the news she is to receive is a blessing. Hail Mary, a salute. The LORD is with you, a blessing. When Mary told the story, she must have told the Apostles the angel’s name, and those Apostles knew the meaning. Gabriel means “the LORD is with you.” Joseph was told the same. They knew what they have received was from God, and that it was good. They would have heard that message before. It is the message of creation. God creates, and saw that it was good. Certainly they must have heard the story of Genesis, did they recognize that the story was being repeated again?

I wonder how many times that angel has reappeared over the centuries. I wonder if anyone would recognize the message. I have no doubt that Mary was receptive to the voices of a variety of angels. Through prayer she learned to be receptive to them, and she kept an open ear to listen for their voices. She must have called out and listened for a response. Her eyes must have been open to discover their path. She was open to angels and their messages, she didn’t shut them out. She heard of them appearing to others both in scripture and as she journeyed throughout life. They were part of her world. She didn’t try to rationalize them or create or disprove them. She understood angels and accepted them, I wonder what would happen if we did the same?

(today mention an angel and people smirk, say you’re a witch and they will play your game)… . .

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