A first Friday of Lent



The crown of thorns. A crown of kings, cast in gold embedded with jewels. The crown of thorns, blood drips down the Kings face. The true KING, of the kingdom of God. The crown of thorns, the mockery of a KING. The mockery of a heavenly king, the mockery of the KING of the universe. The mockery of the LORD divine. But what of earth, of where he descended to, do we do the same? Do we mock the KING of the universe? Do we place other kings before him? In that ancient world this is certainly true, a pharaoh was a king just as an emperor. But what today do we place before the KING? Not at his feet, but atop HIS throne? We seek leaders, and we place them there. We seek money, and we place it there. We seek prestige, and clout and comfort and riches; we place them there. We place them there, in HIS throne and not at his feet. A crown of gold bedecked with jewels we wear, and for the Almighty the crown of thorns. The crown of thorns, the mockery to the true KING and LORD. The crown of thorns Jesus the Christ worn. We placed it there atop His head, in place of a gold crown we put atop our own. The mockery to a true KING, that is our sin. Remember this season of which we pray, save us from ourselves on this day. Praise the KING of kings, our LORD

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