I am  at a loss here with this Gospel message. “He appoints twelve.” Certainly I understand the Apostles, and the priests that come from them. Is that all though, is it just about those anointed? Yes, yes, yes. I understand their role, and their authority. They are in a sense certified messenger. Scrutinized, educated, and certified. They are professionals. Is that all? Is that all there s to the twelve. My mind drifts towards the dirty dozen, it is a movie abut convicted prisoners who are assigned a noble cause. But is that all. A dozen messengers. What about those tribes of Israel, a dozen. They are the people of the covenant.  In appointing twelve, is that a representative of each tribe. Could it be the tribe itself? A royal priesthood, or a priesthood from the royal then ordained. Who is appointed to preach the gospel, and who is ordained to transmit the message. To transmit is to transcribe and that id official. Saint Francis; preach and if you have to use words. A ramble? For certain. I snicker because I understand the message, for some and for all. Different duties to serve the same purpose, I don’t step on toes.Mk 3:13-19

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