Mary isn’t celebrating


Mary isn’t celebrating , she is not celebrating quite yet. She is pregnant and has been now for a while, and she has yet to give birth. Mary is the best description of Advent, she knows the best meaning of somber yet joyful anticipation. She lives through it. She can joyfully look towards what is to come but she also knows where she is right now. She talks to her GOD, and still converses with that Angel of the Annunciation. She converses with her husband, and with those around her. She understands the LORDS promise, but her eyes don’t ignore her reality. She sees the world of her day, the temple, the Roman armies, the Sanhedrin, the poverty, and a landscape already littered with crucifixes. She also sees the joy, of families like hers awaiting the birth of their children. Quiet joys, and a few sorrows.

Today begins the O Antiphons, they are the antiphons sung before the Canticle of Mary. That is the Magnificat. Each antiphon describes an aspect of the Christ child. They are what Mary joyfully awaits. Todays is Wisdom, and wisdom in the Hebrew bible is described as feminine. Wisdom is called her.

O’ Wisdom, O holy word of God, you govern all creation with your strong yet tender care. Come and show your people the way to salvation.

In Mary’s Magnificat she opens with praise and giving thanks to God. “My soul proclaimed the greatness of the LORD, my spirit rejoices in God my Savior” and “for He has looked down on His lowly servant.” She then describes her LORD. Her LORD is merciful, and strong, and just, and compassionate. This is the God that Mary ponders during the Advent of her Son’s Nativity. Her canticle is the joyous reply to Elizabeth during the visitation when Elizabeth proclaims “Blessed are tough amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.” Mary had time to patiently wait, and ponder, and pray in a joyful anticipation of the day to come. She certainly must have pondered Gods wisdom. She certainly must have quietly whispered the words of this days Antiphon… .

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