I admit, I should not be typing. I should not be writing. I should not be expressing an opinion. It “tis the season”, though it really is not. Ponder that. It is still Advent. I have been correspondence with the LORD all day, back and forth. We talk. I have been battling thE devil, and I am tired. I am also perhaps just a little bit drunk. But I type anyway. It’s a long day.  I read the scripture, I read the gospel Jn 5:33-36. In that story to the LORD is tired too, he too has Argued all day. But the Christ continues. He argues not with the “Jews” but with their demon, the devil. The devil it is that tempts the Jewish elders. It’s not an argument against the people but, but against what deceives them. He the LORD acknowledges they have heard the Baptist, he gives credibility to him ,Saint John. THe LORD endorses that message. But the LORD sees the twists, the distortions, and the lies. The devil the people face. tHe LORD does not endorse or support (though He does) the messenger, but the message. John delivers the message. IT’S JOHNS MESSAGE THAT IS IMPORTANT. An angel is the message of the Almighty. That message is one of truth, and not of lies. There it is then. He comes to proclaim the truth in a land that thrives on lies. There then is the battle, the truth versus the lie. good versus evil. the LORD and the devil.

The Christmas novena begins today……

Friday of the Third Week in Advent
Lectionary: 191

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