Irish seminary trustees to meet as criticism of gay culture mounts : News Headlines


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Source: Irish seminary trustees to meet as criticism of gay culture mounts : News Headlines

hermitNotes:My first Catholic dilemma was the Catholic politicians that go against the teachings of their faith. The second Catholic dilemma was Catholic organizations that are not always in agreement with the Church they claim to serve. Both of these are groups that are not part of Church hierarchy. The politician is a representative of a government, the charitable aid agency is an organization that straddles between Church, State, and Citizen due to the way it procures its funding. Todays dilemma is a Catholic seminary infiltrated by a distinctly non Catholic gay culture. The dilemma is that the seminary is the place for the training of Church leadership, yet much of what is alleged to go on at the institution goes against Church teaching. One has to wonder if the institution is inhabited by those of gay culture so that they might change the teachings of the Church. That change can be by first through a confrontation and intimidation of seminarians who do desire to follow the magisterium of the Church. Secondly, the counter cultural seminarians are given access to those that fill parish churches. Those parishioners become a captive audience for the preaching’s of a liberal and unorthodox teaching of Christianity. Why did I find these three articles interesting and related? It is because they are three examples of challenges the Church faces in maintaining a true and orthodox Catholic doctrine. They comprise the waves and swells of that stormy sea that the Church must navigate through to bring its members safely to the shore. Not an easy task, and there are no quick answers.

2 thoughts on “Irish seminary trustees to meet as criticism of gay culture mounts : News Headlines

  1. This article leaves me heartsick. I wish somebody would not just point fingers at the Irish, but that our bishops and provincials of orders would look at our own U.S. seminaries. I fear it is the same situation, and that it is widespread. Why do I think that? Some personal anecdotes that I have heard in my own archdiocese, among one of the orders that serve here.


  2. Francis Philip

    If a seminary is, in fact, being overtaken by a gay culture, then the bishop(s) paying for the seminarian’s education has a duty to take action on behalf of the seminarian. If he knows, and does not, he will be severely judged.


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