“hermit.Notes” on the news


I typically don’t do commentaries on news items, this week was an exception. This week I highlighted three articles that focused on modern challenges of the Church regarding politics, Catholic institutions, and Catholic hierarchy. It is easy to read about the challenges of the past, it’s a bit different to look clearly at things today. It’s easy to read about the battles between Popes and Kings, what about Popes and Politicians? It’s easy to read about the divide between Catholicism and Protestantism, but what about Christianity versus Secularism? Then there is the battle of the Traditionalists versus the Vatican II enthusiast: Latin Rite versus Byzantine? The point is that all of these new dilemmas really are the old issues revisited. Challenges and controversies and scandals existed yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The Gospels and Testaments were written during the same challenges, controversies, and scandals. It is how fire tried gold is formed. The controversies are the storms on the Sea of Galilee, and they are the reason to keep eyes and ears on Jesus Christ. They are the battles the LORD preached through. They are the temptations He faced in the desert, and the ones we struggle through today. The conflicts of society are the reason He said we should not become salt that has lost its taste, a phrase that becomes pertinent when listening to Catholic politicians. It also is a phrase to remember when dealing with Catholic institutions, something they should be reminded of. The controversies also bring issue with an institution sailing through time and the individual that does the same. Historically it was the Protestants that jumped ship. The Catholics stayed aboard and patched the holes. That was their reformation, the works of the likes of Saint Francis and Saint Clare (her feast is today). That restoration continues today, it is a work in progress.

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