Employees of Catholic Relief Services contribute heavily to pro-abortion political candidates : News Headlines


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Source: Employees of Catholic Relief Services contribute heavily to pro-abortion political candidates : News Headlines

hermitNotes: If yesterdays article illustrated the problems of Catholic politicians, this looks at the problem of Catholic organizations and their employees. With Joe Biden, it is his parties platform that is supportive of many issues that go against his faiths teachings, specifically abortion and gay marriage. Often politicians such as Mr. Biden declare the difference between a personal belief and their political parties position. That particular argument fell short when Mr. Biden served as a witness to a gay wedding ceremony.

Today’s news article looks at a Catholic Institution that employs many people that have opinions that are counter to the Church that their organization represents. Catholic Relief Services is a major charitable arm of the Catholic Bishops. The Linked  article discuss the donation practices of the leadership of that organization. Somewhat surprising is that these CRS employees largely offer support to politicians and organizations that are in opposition to the views of the Catholic Church their organization (CRS) represents. The problem is further complicated because many of the programs CRS oversees also go against Catholic teachings. One part of the problem is that many of the management are not in agreement with the Church. There is a difference in opinion. The second issue that complicates matters is that CRS often distributes goods and services in a cooperative agreement with other organizations, and the government. How then does Catholic Relief Services stay Catholic? How can Catholics that give to this organization be assured that their money is being used in ways that are constant with their faith? That is one of the primary reasons for giving to a Catholic organization. I have read where catholic priests have not had their parishes participate in CRS programs such as the Rice Bowl for this reason. It’s a complicated issue for sure, proof that the Church does not exist in a vacuum.An illustration of the current stormy seas.