I could write about Martha , sister of Mary and Lazarus. She is the one that treated Lord Jesus as a guest, a welcome guest. She welcomed him into home. Her sister, Mary, graciously sought entry into the “house of the Lord.” There is the difference. Jesus corrects Martha, she should cross HIS threshold and enter under His roof,  and not simply let the LORD enter what is hers, the earthly and temporary domain. Martha , what bad  can be said of such a gracious host? Both gracious and welcoming in her service. Sure, she did not understand what gates the Lord had opened for her; but should she be faulted for that? Few understood the redemption on a cross, few followed her call to serve the Lord. And so, think of those that do serve. Many do. Perhaps today many understand HIM better, but still many do  neglect the temporal needs of the Lord. There is need for those that labor on earth, so that others might enter the kingdom of the Lord. Unselfish love and devotion. That is Martha.

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