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While I often avoid commentaries specifically on culture, culture can not be separated from Christianity. In reading through some periodicals,  I came across this excellent  article in Crisis Magazine.

Secularism as Religious Indoctrination by Kenneth Crowther

Mr. Crowther presents a top notch article, it is well worth reading.

*My Note: One thing about gospel is that it must be put into practice . It needs to relate to our lives and society. If one reads a Bible, they should also read a Newspaper. In the past I have often commented that government has begun to take separation of Church and State to a new level. Government lately has shifted towards government as a replacement to religion, and the religion they have primarily targeted go replace has been specifically Christianity. While their press releases often mention an embrace of “faith traditions” , its motive often is to choke out Christianity. Its the parable of wheat and weeds, though in today’s society Christ and His followers are “the weeds.”



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