Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Immaculate Heart of Mary. Immaculate from the beginning, without the stain of original sin. And how could it be any different, a heart so close to that of her Son’s. A heart immaculate at the annunciation, and the nativity, and atop Calgary. A heart that could never be separated from His, and one that could not be corrupted by the suffering He endured. That suffering might have pierced it, her heart, but it did not turn to sin. Immaculate from conception to assumption, free from sin through it all. I can see the spotlessness enduring all her joys, but what about the sorrows? How does one remain free from sin while standing beneath His cross? She stayed though the cock crowed three times, faithful through it all. How did the Apostles do during these same scenes? There was no denial, or hatred, or vengeance. Her Heart did not deny the angel of the Annunciation, though I wonder how many would react today. Does abortion scream corruption when compared to an immaculate heart? That alone give reason to remember Mary’s heart today. It is the heart that carried Jesus to Elizabeth, and the same one that calls to her Son on our behalf today. The intercession of the Heart of Mary that brings Him to us, and us to Him. What a better heart to be on our side throughout this, our journey. Immaculate Heart of Mary keep me free from sin as I wander…. .. .

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