Ramble a little on the Easter season…


How shall I approach the conclusion of this years Easter celebrations? I think it will be by reflecting on the whole season. It will be by viewing its conclusion by looking at its beginning. Both ends mirror each others, they are bookends that contain a season. The beginning of the season begins with fire. It begins with the bonfire built outside Church at the vigil Mass. In Pentecost tongues of fire descend on the Apostles. We in the modern era have lost the significance of fire, and we no longer appreciate its beauty. For us it is something obtained by turning a valve or spinning a wheel, or striking a match. Taken for granted, and thoughtless in its creation. Look at that bonfire, and think. How was it ignited, did a parishioner reach for a lighter or strike a match? The proper way, from what I have read, is to begin with flint stone and the dried plant of flax. Laborious, uncertain, and certainly with prayer. The stone is struck until the fiber ignites. Then it is coddled and guarded, and protected until it takes hold.. Does that explain the Acts of the Apostles? Faith the size of a mustard seed grows into the mightiest of trees, Jesus preached that. Let me add one quick side note regarding fire. Here in North America many are familiar with the fire lit outside the church on the Easter vigil. It is the fire that lights the Easter candle, and then every candle every parishioner holds.Significant, in showing Christ as the light of the world, but here in America that is the only reference to fire throughout the season. In parts of Europe though large bonfires are lit throughout the countryside celebrating the risen Lord. The bonfire celebrates Jesus Christ as the light of the world but lets not forget the care in nurturing a spark into a mighty fire.

Bookends, lets look at another event. This is at the tomb after the passion. The women come to the tomb and an Angel says, Women why do you look for Him in a tomb. He is not there. The  beginning of the Easter season, now look ate the end. Look at the Ascension. The angel says to the men, to the men: Why are you looking at the sky, He is not there but has ascended into heaven. The season begins with an apperance of an angel to the women and ends with that angel approaching the men. Coincidence, I think not. I am amused by the medieval depictions of men staring at feet rising into the sky. Funny how Jesus Christ’s descent to earth was first revealed to a woman, revealed to Mary at the Annunciation. On Pentecost Mary and the disciples will be in the upper room to receive the Holy Spirit. Both men and women receive that Spirit, and both have a role in allowing it to grow. Why was it that the women ran to the tomb, and men stared up at the sky? A mystery, faith is full of them.

I will ramble on I promise, but these are a few thoughts I wanted to quick jot down. Now I begin to turn my thoughts to prayer , the prayer at the last supper, at the stoning of Saint Stephen, and those of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. But that ramble is not quite ready…



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