easter ramble


Easters ramble is about the palette, the color palette that defines this season . Not loud, or neon. Not glitter, and not monochromatic. No saturation, yet contrast. The colors cover the full spectrum of the rainbow. It is the subdued pastels that mark the season.  Comforting and subtle, yet also full of LIFE. They invite a gaze into them, yet their allure is not blatantly apparent. They don’t scream, they whisper much like the Resurrection. At first the disciples overlooked the risen Christ, they did not notice Him. They needed to search, to open their eyes. They were not quite over the shock of three days ago, and it is possible they were not ready for a jarring revelation. The resurrection appeared to them slowly, and subtly, at a pace they could comprehend. The grew to recognize the resurrected Christ, He was not a sudden startling apparition that appeared before them. The reality of the Resurrection emerged before them.

Contrast this with the colors of Christmas, loud, noisy, and brazen. People know what it is like for an infant to enter into the world. How easy is it to understand someone rising from the dead? A risen Christ is not presented before us in a crèche like a newborn, it is a season of searching for something hidden. It is listening for a whisper, and not a scream. It is admiring the majesty of subtleties, of things that normally barely gain a second glance . The admiration of a bud poking through the ground, a bird pecking through its shell. It is the admiration of life coming anew. The message of Jesus Christ is one the disciples were familiar with as they had heard Christ preach for three years. They knew the message, but after the tomb they gained a different perspective. They heard the message, and  then its death. Now they watched Jesus Christ reemerge, just as their savior had told them He would. How He spoke to them though was different from a week before. They had to open their eyes, and ears, and hearts. They had to accept He was not in a tomb. They had to recognize Him in the bread. They had to return to Galilee to meet Him. They had to search for Him to recognize Him. They had to search for Him, to discover Him in their lives. The gospel proclaims that He has risen, that He has truly risen. It is a tenant of faith, the basis of our religion. The gospel proclaims loudly that He has risen. It also hints subtly and quietly that we must go out and discover that risen Christ, that we must seek Him out.


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