down from heaven


Whenever I read the account of those men lowering the paralytic through the roof, I think of the great device of the ancient Greek plays. I think of that crane that would lower god through the roof and onto the stage. There god was, dangling from a rope! The paralytic friends certainly showed creativity in seeking help for their friend and their persistence should not be missed. Neither should the comedy. The paralytic could not help himself,although he was wise in choosing his friends. Those friends, and their friend in a stretcher, had much to confront as they made it towards that house. Obstacles, people shouting and blocking their way. Amongst themselves surly they argued, and the frightening fear of a stampede for one unable to walk. Panicked frantic, stumbling circus clowns. Such creativity in forging a path to their destination. Such determination.

The short story also emphasis that their salvation was not far away. The world, through Christ, was turned upside down. God no longer distant resided next to us. The story also tells why God, in the second person of the Trinity, came down from a lofty perch in heaven, to visit us in earth. The reason was, and is, to heal us. It is to grant us forgiveness of sins, it is so that we might get up and  walk . It is so that we might follow him. The story also hints of obstacles that might get in ones way. The obstacles that block, and the friends that hoist us around them.Those friends though did not use their intellect and resources purely for their own gain, their mission was to give aid to another. The gospel speaks as much of a friends mission, as an invalids cure. With a little thought, and a little imagination, I see the apostles crossing a stormy sea in a boat. One shouldn’t forget how they were saved.

Mk 2:1-12

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