Thursday of the First Week of Ordinary Time


Todays gospel doesn’t seem to be an overcomplicated one, its message appears to be very easily grasped.Mk 1:40-45 In this reading a leper tells Jesus He can rid him of the disease if he so desires, and Jesus does reach out and cures him. It is a simple call and response. The leper cries out and Jesus responds. It is a reminder for Christians to be responsive to those in need, it is a reminder for Christians to reach out to those in need. Jesus leads by example. A lesson can also be seen in that lepers actions, the leper also reaches out and asks for relief if it is Gods will. The leper enters into a dialogue with Christ, and that is something to remember when in trouble. Cry out. These are simple lessons easily grasped , but so often ignored. I should add that at the period of time that this gospel story takes place few would have reached out to that leper. In that day the lepers infirmary was regarded to be of his own fault. He was not wounded, but a sinner. Jesus actions tells of Gods mercy, and of Gods desire for us to be made whole. It is an action of love, compassion , mercy, and forgiveness in the form of a simple extended hand.



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