A Via Lucis Exhibition (Dennis Aubrey)



Source: A Via Lucis Exhibition (Dennis Aubrey)

From their blog, please click the link above:

There will be an exhibition of Via Lucis photos at the Rialto Gallery in Morrilton, Arkansas. The show will is entitled “Painted Romanesque” and features photographs of some of the Romanesque churches that have been painted in the style used by the medieval builders. Exhibition dates are 6 January to 29 February 2016.

Lovers of medieval architecture are accustomed to see Romanesque churches with their austere bone-white pillars, walls, and vaulting. It is assumed that this look was the intent of the builders. When modern churches in the classical style are built, they usually follow this assumption as an aesthetic guideline. The truth is that the medieval churches were brightly painted both inside and out. The desire to provide believers with instructive images of the life of Christ or the saints led to the creation of decoration that highlighted the great cycles of sacred history.

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