Friday of the second week of Easter


For yesterdays reading Jn 6:1-15 one of the small details that caught my eye was that this story of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes took place just before Passover, interesting how with the inclusion of that small detail a comparison to the last supper can be made. It prefigured that event much as the raising of Lazarus prefigured the resurrection. It emphasizes that the last supper and the mass that is modeled after that supper were being taught before the events of Easter. It gives evidence that the holy mass was an integral part of Jesus ministry. It is not an afterthought created after the ascension by His followers. Its design is indeed by Jesus Christ, and an integral part of his ministry from His baptism through His ascension. Something to think about as well meaning folks tinker with the design and focus of that liturgy. One should be obedient to its authors wishes, and not stubbornly try to advance our own.

One of the news articles that brought me to silence yesterday was the on about the Christians that were thrown overboard as they sailed from North Africa to Southern Italy. Persecution against Christians by Muslims. Pray for their souls.Twenty first century Christian martyrs are a growing group. Shocking is the silence of world leader during these modern day persecutions. Fear is that  the Muslims are not the only persecutors of the disciples of  Christ, though the others might be more stealth in their actions.Pray for persecuted Christians.

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