Thursday of the Second Week of Easter


Acts 5:27-33

When people think of their religion, I wonder how many think of their beliefs as testifying in Gods court, before the Lord? Yet that is what the Apostles did when recording their testimony. They were witness, much as witnesses are brought before a jury in court, and then their gospels become their dispositions. They, as eyewitness, recorded their testimony, and proclaimed it in court as they do in the first reading wit the Sanhedrin. For them they do not form a club called a church, and they do not create rules. They are members of a kingdom obedient to the rules of that kingdom. There testament to that Sanhedrin was a proclamation of what they witnessed. Their preaching of that testament was an obligation given to them by their King. I wonder how many look at Church like that today. How many don’t see that obligation to obedience, but rather view the Church as theirs, where they are the ones in charge and deciding the rules. How many see Church as popular choice voted on by its members, how many view it as a mirror image o a democracy, or even analogous to a dictatorship? Perhaps that is the one misfortune of democracy, democracies citizens loose knowledge of the protocols of a monarchy, and the kingdom of God that Church proclaims witness to is a Monarchy. In that kingdom we are its citizens, though we are definitely not the writer of its rules.We are called to an absolute obedience to its King. That  is the nature of monarchies, and something sometimes difficult for rebellious citizens of a popular democracy to comprehend

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