Palm Sunday


File10Jesus the Christ entered Jerusalem so that my life might be better. Jesus, the Son of God, thought about me, and was concerned for me. For my salvation He entered that city, He was crucified, He died, and He was buried, and He was raised on the third day. This is the Passion of the Lord, and it was all for me. It was so that I might live my life to the fullest, and so that I might know my God. Through this Passion of Jesus, I gain everything, and it costs me nothing. It is a gift, from God, to me. It is the passion of my Lord, a saving grace, my salvation. It is a gift of eternal life. This week is not about me, it is not about what I have to do. It is about what was done for me, and it is about what has been freely given to me.

Every year , when I walk into His Church this day, I am given a palm frond which  I fashion into the cross. That cross reminds me of the events of five days later. Today starts with a jubilant procession into Jerusalem, and Good Fridays procession ends on a hilltop with a cross and a corpus. The corpus is that of Christ’s who died for me. For forty days I have been instructed to give something up. This Holy week I look at what was given up for me, so that I might truly live life to the fullest. This week is all about me, but it is nothing about what I can do or should do. It is about what has been done for me.

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