Wednesday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time


Today’s gospel  Mk 6:1-6  again has Jesus teaching at his native place, and at this place He is first praised and then scorned. I wonder once again, why was Jesus unable to preforms wonders and miracles at this place. I wonder, what stood in his way? Why could the Son of God not gain success here, what stopped Him? Then I wonder again, can anything stop God? Can anything hinder him? Were those people so strong that they could prevent God from doing anything? There should be no need to remind any Christian that Jesus is God.

Of course my original questions were poorly stated. We have no ability to hinder God in any way. If the Lord wishes to bless or curse us, we are powerless. With that then , perhaps I should look at the problem a little differently. Perhaps I should rephrase it a bit. It is not why could he not work any miracles, rather it is why could those people not receive any miracles? Why could they not accept His healing?

The clue then resides into where Christ journeyed to. He traveled to his native place, and there he met his people. He was willing to come to them, yet once there they refused to journey with Him. They could not leave their native place. They resisted and Christ’s healing so often requires the one leave where they are and journey with Him. It is again a reminder of that statement Jesus made to His Apostles, “Come follow me.” And to follow Him means to leave where you are, and who you are, and journey to someplace better.

One thought on “Wednesday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

  1. Hello Northern Hermit. Your questions are thought provoking, but if you think about it a little, it gets clearer. Try this: how often does God work actual miracles in say the Methodist Church down the street or at Calvary Chapel on the other side of town? How often do you hear of miraculous healings in any Protestant place? God does desire to heal and help and save, but He cannot do so at the Methodist place, etc. because if He did, it would glorify their fallen status and encourage some to remain outside the true Church because they’d seemingly have proof their a real church cause God blesses them with miracles. Miracles aren’t just about healing the person who experiences them, they are signs of God’s favor and grace and they shine in the darkness of lives and cause others to reach out to God. Very fundamentally, they cause conversions/reversions and strengthen the faith of the regulars. The opening of the passage has the false knowledge of Jesus that those working to discredit Him had spread among others, and they weren’t backing down, primarily false witness against the Virgin birth which was one of the 7 signs they were waiting for that has been prophesied that would accompany the Messiah when He came. The Virgin birth was a key prophecy. Some of the other signs involved healing and I suspect the few healings that did happen at this time were of the type other than those that were in the prophesies. In a very fundamental way, some of those mentioned in this passage has already made up their minds about Jesus NOT being authentic and this is reflected in the fact that even after witnessing miracles of healing, they’d easily be swayed into dismissing them. They look to the false reports of Mary giving birth to other children and their proof that He couldn’t be the Messiah and so everyone falls in line with the elders at the synagogue and become “offended” at Him. What if He had acted on this in another way, but say all of a sudden working even more miracles? It would’ve turned into a show down of sorts. Jesus would have been in re-actionship to false witness against Him and His Mother and would have been on the defensive and His miracles instead of helping those who need them, and in response to their genuine need, would have been cheapened into a show. And they would probably have not been any more convinced. He would be proving that He wasn’t the Messiah by simply do more works to prove Himself to the scoffers. He already knew that they’d fallen and sided with those spreading the false witness against His Mother’s virgin birth and perpetual virginity and subsequently His divinity. They were on the other side and they are still there. We call them Protestants today. And God hardly ever works authentic miracles in their circles. It would validate that which is false and glorify those working to remain separated from the true Church. Another fact important to this passage is the fact that the Jews had no words for cousin in their vocabulary and every person who was of the same tribe could and were considered brother or sisters. They were kin. Those mentioned who were related to Jesus and Mary, could very well be very distant relatives from a few generations back or removed. There was no word for cousin and even uncles would call nephews brothers as is the case in the book of Tobit. Those who try to discredit the perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary among the Protestants today always try to say the witnesses are proving that simply by saying there were other children born to her there were. We know this isn’t true, so there has to be another explanation and there is. But if you don’t want to believe, you won’t bother to seek it. It is an enduring test of faith and is necessary. I little of that refiner’s fire God uses to purify the faith of the sons of Levi, if you will. Thanks for listening to me rattle on. God bless. Ginnyfree.


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