the Lepers


Luke 5:12-16

When a Christian contemplates their image, they should have the ability to see themselves as perfect. It does not matter really what their appearance is, and it doesn’t matter what they looked like yesterday. White, black, red, yellow, green or blue. Fat, skinny, wrinkled, pimpled, scared or smooth. They should be able to see themselves as perfect. It doesn’t even matter if they are lepers, they should be able to see themselves as perfect. In this season of gifts, that is a reminder of Gods gift to us. God wants us to be able to reach perfection, and God gave us the ability to do so through a Child in a manger. That is the reason for the Nativity and the Christmas season, to celebrate that gift of God that is Gods only begotten Son, who wishes to make us beautiful. Gifts are both given and received. When those lepers approached Jesus they prostrated themselves like the Magi, they presented themselves to a King humbly and in a worthy manner. In return they were given the gift of cleanliness, their faults, their disfigurements, their sins, were removed. They were forgiven and again allowed to be brought back into Gods presence.

“Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean.”
Jesus stretched out his hand, touched him, and said,
“I do will it. Be made clean.”

Leprosy wasn’t always that horrid contagious disease that we know today, though it was an affliction that cast people out from society. It is one that made souls unclean, and one that caused souls to beg, and often to beg knowing that their pleas would never be heard. Leprosy can be more a disease of culture and society, and that side of the disease was more devastating than the bacterial disease we know of today. Jesus healing of the lepers can remind us that God made us in His image, and that image is perfect. No disease, or culture or society, or person (other than ourselves) can make keep us from that perfect image and likeness. Christ’s healing reminds us that that if we ask for healing it will be granted, it also should remind us to act in that image of Christ and give the gift of forgiveness to those who ask. Nothing can keep us from the beauty of God, because we are formed in that image, and our Lord wishes that we indeed are made clean. Beautiful

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