Wednesday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time


lk 21:12-19

Jesus again continues is discussion of the violence that will occur at the end before the Son of Man appears descending on a cloud. The point of His argument though is that at the end of all of that turmoil is a rebirth, from death comes life, from tearing down comes a rebuilding. Again though, I don’t think of what this means “at the end of time,” I think of what it means regarding yesterday and today .Yesterday there were riots, there was that destruction; but was there any rebuilding? What did it accomplish? Did it enter in a new and better era? I think not. I tend to think that violence of yesterday was not much, it really didn’t destroy anything of importance. It was not particularly revolutionary, and it did not signal a new era. It really was simply more of the same old stuff. For all of the smoke and fire, for all of the shattered glass, for all of the looting, for all of the rage and anger; things remained remarkably the same. All that caused that violent outburst became even more solidified and entrenched. The old was reinforced, and the new era was cast of further into the future. The entry into that new era is not simply the destruction of a material world, it has to be the destruction of the injustices that are so contrary to the Son of Man. Yesterday, and the destruction was only of the dust of this world. The opponent was not destroyed, the opponent was not even acknowledged. “The opponent” in bible speak is Satan, and that opponent was in glory yesterday. That opponent fueled the fires and shattered the glass. That opponent was one of destruction. The opponent expressed that needed to be conquered was the rage, and anger, the injustice, and the polarity of man. To destroy that opponent there was no need to pick up the sledge hammer, or the rifle, or start a fire. Defeating that opponent required putting down those tools of destruction, extinguishing the flames fueled by hatred, and anger, and despair. It required defeating that polarity of opposition itself, and replacing it with an understanding that gives rise to peace. It seems that is so much more difficult though than destroying a building. And so, things remain the same…..

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