Saint Teresa of Avila


Woe to you Pharisees, woe to you Pharisees! Jesus blasts those Pharisees for the way that they walked through life. Of course He was not just blasting them, but us too. His outrage was against those that just viewed themselves as all important, those that stuck their nose just a little too high in the air. His anger was towards those who enjoyed their prestige and title, but not the true work that those titles required. He was upset at those who focused on their outward life, but ignored their inner spirituality. Today’s Saint, Saint Teresa of Avila was a champion of that interior life. She was in some ways uneducated, so through life she would not have had the prestige of people like the Pharisees, but she is a doctor of the Church. As a contemplative Carmelite her focus largely was simply contemplating on the mystery of Christ, allowing that Christ to enter into her soul, and then bringing that Christ to others through her writings. It is interesting that the Carmelites had their origin as hermits, and that over time that order became one of mendicants.Their spirituality is described as “contemplation, the foundation of Carmelite life and apostolate; prayer and together with it meditation, recollection and silence; asceticism, which implies sobriety of life; poverty, which implies dependence on others and humble life; the apostolate, both in their churches and outside them.”

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