Jesus goes to town


Jesus goes town to town, and I emphasize to the extreme; with His apostils and also is accompanied by some woman. There it is, the structure of His Church sans buildings. Note that reading emphasizes the contrast male versus female. Note most importantly that it is the females that are mentioned by name. Why would someone bring that up? The reason is simple, there is an extreme importance placed on those who are described by name. (you have to read the text to know this) Describing a person by name places them above a nameless crowd, even though it might be those nameless ones who are in charge. Here the apostils are nameless. Within that Church does reside an order, though contemporary society often misses it. That church, indeed from its beginning has had a hierarchy, though a hierarchy that gives equal importance to both halves. I stand corrected, it gives a greater importance to the “invisible half”, those who labor outside the public eye yet clearly within the eyes of God. Therein lies humility. They walk with Christ, not in front of Him. They serve Him, not use Him for their own gain. It is important to look at that relationship of men and woman in service to the Church. It is important to look at that service of both men and woman, not to look at the service of men versus woman. The service to Christ, after all is cooperative and not antagonistic; both serve one Lord. That is the message of Christ, not the message of a twentieth century social movement. Not popular, but true. Now, I hope I don’t get into trouble for writing this….
Friday of the Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 447

Read it Here:
lk 8:1-3

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