The feast of “the Name of Mary”


Hail Mary, full of grace. Of God’s grace, always open to receive that grace of God, and immaculate from conception. The Lord is with you, never far from her Lord and never turning her back to Him. They are the words of the Angel to Mary at the annunciation. Mary, our Lady, from Myriam, meaning Lady or Sovereign. Hail is a salute, or a dignity suitable of a person of rank: to hail is to bow. It is an old graffiti etched into the walls of an ancient Jerusalem building echoing that Mary has indeed been hailed since the earliest days of Christianity. Hail Mary too are words from heaven. Blessed art though amongst woman
are the words from Elisabeth to Mary. And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. They are the words of mankind to her and her Son, that savior so long awaited. The relationship of the cross is formed from the beginning, from God to man, and man to God through the intercession of Mary. That name resides at the heart of the cross. Holy Mary, mother of God. Theotokos or God bearer pray for us, intercede for us as you have from the beginning, now in our present, and the hour of our death. The feast of “the Name of Mary” is described fully in that familiar prayer. She is the model, queen, and protector of the Church, and the intercessor between us and her Son; never far from Him and never removed from us.

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