blessed are…..


Today’s readings struck a note with me. They are such a contrast with all of God’s blessings going to those who are poor, suffering, struggling, trampled on, and persecuted. Gods curse goes to those who have gained every advantage in life. The tough part is that when everything is not going my way, when I am being trampled on, I don’t feel particularly blessed. At those times it is difficult to accept that blessing offered by Jesus. Sure, I can read those words but it is difficult to really believe them. I would much rather be one of those cursed fat cats dining at the best restaurants and driving the nicest cars. The curse doesn’t seem that bad if you get the loot! Then though think of all those who are more “blessed” than me. There are certainly folks with much less money than I; that honorably work much harder than I. They struggle to build something better, and so many don’t let their burden deter them from doing what they value. Their values too seem so well placed. So many are persecuted much more than I ever will be. They have true opponents that wish to defeat them, while I deal with some people I just plain don’t get along with. In their persecutions they are an inspiration to others, as they are in their diligence to persevere. In their struggles and determination I can see that blessing Jesus bestowed on them, and in focusing on their dignity I can see that blessing drift over to me… .

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