Saint Mary Magdalene


Today is the feast (or memorial) of Saint Mary Magdalene. She is Mary of Bethany, sister of Martha and Lazarus. She is the Mary that had seven demons cast from her, the Mary who anointed Jesus with the costly perfumed oil, and the Mary who dried her tears from her Lords feet with her hair. She is the one that stood at the foot of the cross.She is the Mary that told the apostles of Jesus resurrection.

Mary of Magadala has had much written about her that is historically questionable. For seven sins to be cast from her she can be seen as a great sinner, and is frequently described as a prostitute. She also could be viewed as a woman who bore “seven” sins of her time and culture. Seven is a biblical number frequently describing heaven, perhaps her sins are what kept her from the kingdom and her repentance granted her passage. She is known as a penitent woman.As a sinner, she is a reminder that Christ calls for us sinners. Both her sins and her desire for penance describes her as the most human of biblical figures. She possesses both our faults and our aspirations. In her weeping, penance, an adoration of Christ, she is that perfect example of a disciple. Hers is a true devotion to Christ.At the cross she never abandons him, with the spikenard she anoints him, in her penance she obeys him, while with Martha she is the one who listens to His every word. 

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