Peter and Paul


Saints and Apostles Peter and Paul, what to write? Paul certainly well documented in the Bible through Luke’s Gospel and his Acts of the Apostles, and Peter through his conversations with Jesus throughout his ministry. Lets also not forget he is that rock upon which Christ built his Church. Peter the one who walked with Christ and Paul one who was that convert to a Christ resurrected. Perhaps one of a Christ of the Nativity, and the other the Easter Christ? Christ said “I am the vine you are the branches” and  these are among the first two branches on that vine. Both are similar in the age which they walked this planet, yet both contrast in their approach towards Christ and their walk with Christ. Peter is that one that is frequently seen stumbling in faith and constantly questioning . Paul is one who at first persecutes Christians, and then upon his conversion defends Christ with the same ferocity he had as Christ’s opponent. Might one contemplate the  contrast between these two? Is it easy to identify with Peters uncertainty? What about finding reason why he was that rock upon which the Church was built? In his journey perhaps he always did not always understand Christ’s message, but he always remained open to it. In Paul’s persecution, might one at the same time see his unwillingness to go against God? Through his conversion can one also se his clarity in understanding who the Son of God really is? Both Peter an Paul are witness and defenders of Christ, yet each in their own way. Peter guides a Jewish diaspora in Christianity from a seat of authority, Paul converts the Gentiles from his pulpit. Each use their Gifts in service to Christ. For their faith, both approach Christ in different ways, yet the red vestments are a reminder of both of their faithfulness to the Lord. Both were provided with gifts that they brought to the Church, and both developed those gifts to their fullest potential for this Church of Christ. Both are devotion expressed uniquely to each individual. Both are important to the Church historically as pillars of that Church. It is their knowledge of Christ, their journeys with Christ, and their writings that are essential for our own dialogue with Jesus. Important too is their struggles with Christ, and how they became Christians. If their struggles gain importance, how much richer are the fruits of those struggles. Both these Apostles are lessons in perseverance and its rewards. As Paul says I have run the race, I have kept the faith.

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