The Ascension


  Jesus is not simply an earthly King, but king of both heaven and earth. The Ascension acknowledges that creator entered into creation at the nativity of our Lord. The word was made flesh. The Ascension gives reason to look up to heaven, and realize what has been born to earth. The Ascension brings meaning to everlasting life, for Christ is truly eternal. The Ascension gives way for the Holy Spirit. The descending of Christ at the Nativity and this ascension into heaven are not isolated movements. In the tomb He descends into the depths of hell to rescue those trapped souls to bring them back to the Father , at the Nativity he descends to earth to rescue the souls of the living. As at the nativity Jesus never abandons Heaven, at the Ascension He never abandons us. In both these movements Jesus breaks that barrier between heaven and earth, destroying all that separates us from God. That is the tearing of the veil. A God that at one time was distant is among us, for all eternity. A God that spoke through a cloud at the exodus, also present at that transfiguration, now ascends on a cloud. A God that was once invisible becomes visible only to ascend from our sight, to return through the Holy Spirit. Blessed are those who do not see and believe! Gone is a heaven and earth disjointed and separate, each in their own time and place. Born is eternal life, and one kingdom: What a different way of looking at this world! Always in the presence of God, a God that is always assessable to us. Not distant but close. At the ascension it is that order between heaven and earth that is restored, that relationship between God and man. In that ancient society it was the temple where God and man were united. Now they are united through Christ, and that Church of Christ is just about to begin at this feast of the Ascension.

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