Easter, Sunday 5

brought to you by Livescribe
  Fifth Sunday of Easter
Lectionary: 52
Short on time and away from a computer for most of the day, but I still wanted to write some thoughts on this Sundays readings. Fortunately I had livescribe with me, but unfortunately my penmanship is largely illegible. For that I will hurriedly try to get the essence of my notes. For the first reading  my impression was that the reading was largely about communities, and particularly that early Christian community. The great observation is that though last weeks reading focused on a harmonious Christian community , this weeks is in a bit of discord. That discord though is typical of most communities; the trick is how these annoyances are resolved.
For the second, it is Christ the cornerstone with all those references to building structures. Again, I extrapolate that theme of community. A wall of bricks is after all a community, buildings are visible representations of the communities they house. There is much to talk about here, but for now enough said.
Thee gospel reading is that where Jesus tells his disciples that he will have a place for them where He is going. Those disciples though are confused as they are unsure of what He is talking about. For this reading the scene is different from the first two. The first and second take place after Easter, while the third is at the start of the passion of our Lord. For this Gospel meaning is based first on those disciples struggle to understand who Christ is, yet like the first readings it too is about community. Those first disciples did struggle to understand Christ, and their knowledge of Him as the second person of the trinity was yet undeveloped. That would not be fully formulated until the nicean council of 325. It was here that Jesus is proclaimed fully God and fully man. That council also was, a community. What those disciples did not understand at the last supper begins to become more apparent in the Easter Christ. While prior to Holy week, the disciples looked for a place such as Jerusalem; after Easter that place becomes more recognizable as occurring within those Christian communities. Jesus as that second person  of the trinity becomes present as that mystical body that forms into His Church. One also could point out that just as those early disciples struggled with an understanding of who Jesus is, most Christians in this present day are faced with that same challenge. Also, that Christ we visualize at one point in our lives changes over time. Christ is revealed to us, just as he was to those early Christians. Second is that discord among the early community, a discord that continues to this day. That is the debate and writings that help to define for us the truth of Christ. Debate at its best is a struggle to reveal the truth, and when that truth is centered on Jesus Christ it is the truth that is the way and the life of Christ.

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