Easter wednesday


As it is only partway through the octave of Easter, that resurrection is still the event of the season, and the season is still spring. The association between these two seasons in those parts of the world that have four distinct seasons , and this Easter resurrection is unavoidable. Just for one to read  about the way that Jesus revealed himself  to the early disciples on these early spring days conjures up all sorts of similarities. At first the disciples do not recognize him, Christ appears and disappears, and fades into and out of view. It is as if at the epiphany with the magi, that realization of who God is , and where God is; who Jesus Christ is and where Jesus Christ is. Epiphanies can be those brilliant realizations in our life of who and where Jesus Christ is. Epiphanies abound in springtime as one at one moment is unsure if winter has truly ended, and if summer is about to begin. So much faith is placed on those changes of seasons, as history tells us summer always arrives. It is hard to believe that though when cold winds continue to blow and the trees are still grey and bare. But, on occasion one sees the slightest hint of a bud on a tree, or perhaps a peek of a new plant poking through the ground, or the grasses take on the color of a muted green made more vibrant by an early morning rain. These are epiphanies of nature telling one warmth is around the corner. Epiphanies of Christ’s resurrection, they can be fleeting too. An almost imperceptible exchange of kindness, one person stepping aside for another, or a small act of compassion. Small acts are perceptible epiphanies that Christ is alive in this world. They should be noticed ands nourished, as spring rain does for nature. Juxtaposition. While some seasons might emphasize the grandeur of Christianity , the cathedrals and pageantry, others might suggest the subtleties of that faith.

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