the Lord has Risen,alleluia. He has truly risen alleluia.

Christ’s resurrection is what Easter is all about. It is not about a new age rebirth,or a pagan rite of spring. It is about resurrection, and the triumph of life over death, the triumph of good over evil. In a celebration of spring, where is the mention of Gods love for us;that statement that God loved us so much that he sent His only Son. In the naturist view where is that love of the passion of Christ? Where is the sacrifice made on our behalf if Easter is simply about springtime. Springtime with out a doubt compliments Easter, but Easter is so much more that a celebration of spring. It is a celebration of rebirth, but more it is a celebration of the triumph of life over death, and most importantly is a celebration of love. It is a celebration of that love where God sends us His only Son, and the love that Son, Jesus Christ, had for us. A love that was so great that He willingly died on a cross for our sakes. That love speaks so much louder than the rejuvenation of simple vegetation visible at springtime. Springtime  though is a reminder that seed sewn brings forth a new life. Both Easter and springtime are seasons of newness, of new growth, of cleansing, and rejuvenation.That spring time growth should serve as a seasonal reminder of that new message of Christ. It should serve as a reminder for present day disciples to seek out that risen Christ anew, and to see how that Christ influences our lives anew. It should serve as a reminder to allow again for Christ message to grow within our lives, and to grow productively. Springtime can serve as a very visible reminder of Christ’s resurrection, and how that resurrection will bear fruit in our lives in this coming year.


[The Easter vigil is after a series of reminders of this newness of Christ’ in our lives. It is a new flame that enters the church, and lights that new paschal candle. It is new baptismal water where we renew those baptismal vows, and new Chrism for anointing. With all of that newness, should not Christians also approach Christ anew? Shouldn’t Christians approach the Easter Christ with eyes newly opened, and with a renewed insight and enthusiasm? Shouldn’t minds be rejuvenated to better understand that message of Christ, to be more attune to Christ’s presence in this world, and more alert to where that Christ is so desperately needed?]

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