Holy Saturday


If any word was used to describe holy Saturday, I would be inclined to think that it might be silence. The day lacks the celebratory air of palm Sunday, the instruction of Holy Thursday, or the raw exhaustive emotions of Good Friday. Like the Sabbath day it falls on, it is a day of rest. It also is that day in which Christ, in the tomb, descends into the depths of hell to rescue those souls trapped in that darkness. In thinking of the souls of the deceased that agonized in hell, one can’t help thinking of the living souls that lingered in their darkness of despair. My thoughts again turn to those first witnesses of that first good Friday. In their day, this would have been the day of the Sabbath, their day of rest, and their day devoted to God. In their minds, I wonder what were their thoughts? The Sabbath was a day they were routinely familiar with, though this Sabbath was remarkably different. It was shrouded with a violent scene of execution, and with that execution a oppression of their hope. Their vision of a grand new kingdom had been laid in a tomb along with that body of their savior. As they honored that God they had honored so many times in past Sabbaths, I wonder what had been gnawing at their hearts on this day? At the same time I think of Christ descending into the depths of hell to rescue those lost souls, I can not help but think of that same Christ descending into the depths of those first disciples hearts to lift them from their own despair. As that stone of the grave would soon be rolled away, I cant help think of stony hearts being changed as those disciples bore a silent witness to that Christ’s message. That they too were slowly being lifted from the abyss by that same savior who lay in a grave. The day was and is the Sabbath, a day of silent meditation, and of rest. The meditation is on God, the God of both the living and the dead. For those first disciples thoughts were turned not only to the message of the old testament, but also that good news of Jesus Christ. This time though something was different, this time that God truly descended into their souls and their thoughts. This time that God was part of their being. This time they will be forever changed. They were to be lifted from that darkness into the light. How important the silence of Holy Saturday is.

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