Laetare Sunday,4th of Lent


A reminder of this Sundays rose vestments, even though I did not see them. The gospel of the healing of the  man born blind (JN 9:1-41) is interesting in the many varied ways that I have heard it described. It tells of how the blind man gradually came to recognize Christ, while at the same time others closed their eyes to him. As much as it is a gospel of healing, it also is a gospel about a journey; how fitting that it is read on a Sunday marked by those specially colored vestments. The story does highlight that journey of discovering who Christ is, and a persons vision of Jesus does change through time. That journey after all is a learning experience. As Christ opens his eyes, his vision of Christ is changes. I think though as his view of Christ develops, perhaps what more immediately changes is that blind mans vision of who God is. It is God who becomes visible, and God becomes present everywhere that blind man looks. For the others God remains invisible and distant, never to be seen.

The conflict between those who refute Jesus healing of those people, and those who turn a blind eye towards Him, builds up throughout the weeks readings. It is that conflict of not only between the old and new testament, but also between the ancient world and the present age. In that ancient age God, or the gods, were removed from creation and resided outside of it. In Jesus that God is ever present throughout creation , and it is a God acceptable to all , and who wishes all to thrive. It is through Christs reestablishing that relationship between God and man , that those healed begin to see Christ as the light of the world. While that light ignited a passion in many, it also fueled a fear or hatred in others. While one can witness the healing, the conflict too should not be missed.

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