the prince of demons


By the power of Beelzebul, the prince of demons,
he drives out demons.”

Gospel lk 11:14-23

Lately when I read this gospel account I tend not to look at it so much as Jesus speaking to an ancient crowd, but more as Jesus warning the present crowd. That ancient crowd sees Jesus defeat a demon and so they see Jesus as that demon. Through His strength their weaknesses are exposed, and so they slander Him to bolster their positions. It is todays damage control and todays political spin. It is the slander talk show hosts, and the news media with an agenda. It is advancing a cause by any means necessary, and it is the so common dirty politics. It is the controlling of public opinion by campaigns once known as propaganda, and the silencing of an opponent by fear and intimidation. It would have mattered little what miracle Jesus preformed as His opponents were not going to grant Him a victory; even if something truly miraculous occurred.  Pick up a paper, or listen to a commentator, or turn on the TV News and that phrase, in one form or another, is going to be played out. Hidden in those lies is truly the prince of demons.

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