the garden (1st Sunday,Lent)


I think I understand a good part about that story of A&E in the garden. I get the part about the temptation, and I understand the part about that serpent Satan. I understand the fault of carrying on that discussion with the serpent, and how Jesus does not bargain with the devil. I understand the sin, and even the banishment from the GOP. One thing I don’t know though is what did A&E do to that fruit after they took a bite, more specifically what did they do with its pit? Did they just toss it out, did they understand the power of that seed? Jesus talked a lot about seeds. Seeds tossed on rock, in thorn bushes, and on fertile soil. He talked about the mustard seed and faith. He talked about a seed that must be planted and die in order to bring about new life. To Him seeds were important, but what about those seeds from the fruit of the tree in that garden? What if instead of simply discarding that core, A&E planted it. What if that grew into another tree, and that tree produced another fruit, and this time they learned not to listen to that serpent? After all, when the almighty told those two not to partake in the fruit of that tree didn’t God already know what their action might be, wasn’t God aware that they possessed free will? Didn’t God know their strengths and weaknesses? Didn’t God offer them repentance and forgiveness? Within that forbidden fruit wasn’t their a second chance, a path back to that garden? Isn’t that what  Christ preached?

A&E: Adam and Eve
GOP:  Garden of Paradise

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