8th Sunday of ordinary time:three days befor lent.


Gospel mt 6:24-34

You can not serve God and mammon seems the perfect gospel a couple days before Lent,as it does give reason for these upcoming 40-days. It is the reminder of all those times when indeed mammon has been given priority over God. Those riches of money and pride, vanity, greed, are common sins of this world and many in one form or another are even painted as virtues of modern society. Achieving wealth is the foundation of capitalism, and taking pride in ones appearance is also something that is applauded. The problem though arises when these trinkets of success become priorities, and with all of the promotion material success gets, it is easy to misplace those priorities. It is easy to get wrapped up in this world, to place the creation before the creator. For those with material riches it becomes easy to identify simply with the glitter of success. For the economically struggling, it becomes easy to become over focused on achieving even a meager living . Placing mammon before God is not an exclusive sin of the wealthy.Lent is a time to retreat a bit from those material things and reconnect with that God who is the creator of heaven and earth. Lent becomes a time of changing a view of this world, and of shifting priorities into a more proper perspective where God is rightfully first. It give time to examine how we prioritize both God and mammon, to retreat from this world and enter a bit into Gods presence.

As a thought on God and mammon, as lent approaches should one be focused on that earthly fast and denial that is to begin, or should the focus be shifted towards a more heavenly direction? Do you begin this season focused on your actions, or what you receive from God? Is the focus on the cost of those little sacrifices you make, a few missed meals and a few coins, or is the focus where it should be; on the redemption through the Cross of Christ.

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